• agua de alta calidad


    In a report prepared by the University of Malaga experts, it has been determined that Only Water is not only a high quality water, but also, due to its purity, it is optimal for infant, neonatal and geriatric consumption. In […]

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    Individual actions count, recycling is one of the things we can do in a particular way to combat pollution which, to a large extent, is caused by the massive consumption of single-use packaging that must be deposited in the yellow […]

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  • packaging de alimantación

    Design trends in food packaging

    We know that food packaging is a guarantor of food safety, as well as being a powerful marketing and communication tool. As Mintel states in its Global Packagin Trends report, “brands aim to attract consumers by adapting to their expectations […]

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  • Igualdad de género

    At Only Water we support the United Nations gender equality goal

    Only Water, in its commitment to the environment and in collaboration with the United Nations through Cifal Málaga, promotes the Sustainable Development Goals and shows special empathy for Goal 5, which is about achieving gender equality and empowering all women […]

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  • Tetra Pak introduces certified recycled plastic in its packaging

    Tetra Pak announced last week the introduction of certified recycled plastic, becoming the first company in the food and beverage packaging industry to receive this advanced product certification from the organization on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB). Its cartons that integrate attributed […]

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  • Pirámide de Maslow

    What is Maslow’s Pyramid?

    Large companies like Google are famous, among other things, for being at the top of the list of best companies to work for globally. Why? The answer goes beyond hefty salaries, it’s about how they motivate their employees. Something closely […]

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  • micorplasticos agua potable

    Microplastics in drinking water?

    Microplastics in drinking water? The presence of plastics in aquatic environments is a growing concern throughout the EU and many countries around the world, to the point of introducing policies to improve the plastic cycle, as well as taxes. The […]

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  • 2021 is the International year of the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development

    In a Resolution (A / RES / 74/198) approved in December 2019 by the United Nations General Assembly. It is decided to declare 2021 as the International Year of the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development. Submitted by Indonesia, the resolution […]

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